Trinity Zero Mini Press


Trinity Zero is a patented coffee press, creating a stronger coffee in a short time. The easiest press to 'pick up and play', and the most compact and portable, so you can take it anywhere from your home to the great outdoors. 


  • Brews in under 60 Seconds
  • Complete brewer, no single-use filters required
  • Portable and compact, weighs just 113g
  • Unique and patented brewing technique
  • Flexible and simple to use
  • Elegant design, available in white

How to Brew:

  • Fill the coffee basket with up to 18g of freshly ground coffee. Our reusable stainless steel filter creates a clean cup without consuming messy paper filters or pods.
  • Fill the water chamber to the line marking shown (100mL). Give the water some time to soak through the grounds.
  • Next place on the lid, and then use your thumb to pressurise the chamber. Press, hold, then repeat, until all the water has been pressed through.
  • Add hot water or milk to your pressed coffee shot, creating the perfect cup in just 60 seconds.

How it Works:

Your thumb pressurises the water chamber, resulting in a shot of concentrated coffee that is ready in 60 seconds from roughly 10-15 pumps. The shot is stronger than your usual coffee press or other brewed coffee method like french press or pour over, however, it is not espresso - nor does it try to be.  

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