Baking and Kitchen Assistant (20 hours a week)

You love helping around, keen to learn how we bake our yummy muffins and croissants, and don't mind doing the dishes.

You are…

...a happy person who loves engaging with people, a beacon of positivity and energy and being in a great mood all the time is effortless 

...kind, smart, generous and hospitable to our team first, then to our guests. You are an energetic person who loves a challenge; you see the positive in situations and encourage others to do the same. enthusiastic learner, not afraid to try new things, nimble and flexible. to build trust with your team mates, one action at a time. You have a high level of initiative and do not need to always get told what to do.

...highly reliable, motivated by the community that we are creating and passionate in delivering amazing hospitality. 

...someone who does not require constant supervision, but are able to initiate doing important work that needs to be completed everyday. to read your team mates and at the same time our guests and be one step ahead in making sure that their needs are looked after.

You care about...

...getting things done well and in a timely and accurate manner. You don't mind being coached by others to improve yourself and your work.

...having great and consistent bakery quality.

...suggesting ways we can do and make things easier for the team.

Your experience...

If you lack experience but get what we do, appreciate great hospitality and quality and find joy in baking tasty muffins, then we'd like to hear from you! You just need to know your way around the kitchen and don't mind doing the dishes. 

6 AM starts over 3-4 days a week. May be rostered during the weekend.

Get in touch to apply!

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