We are committed to providing a great workplace culture and a healthy and inclusive work environment.

The wellness policy aims to help with the staff members’:

  • Positive mind health
  • Physical well being
  • Emotional well being
  • Spiritual well being (our sense of life meaning and purpose)

Our Values: We are how we behave and how we treat and build a relationship with each other. Our values are: 

  • Excellence: Doing what needs to be done, as well as it can possibly be done.
  • Hospitality: Doing all that can be done for others – and more than is expected – in thoughtful ways that let people know you are on their side.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Seeing opportunities others haven’t, and creating solutions others wish they’d thought of first.
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing, always, using sound judgment, even when no one is looking.
  • Community: Being part of something bigger than myself, and seeking ways to make others’ lives better.

Employee Responsibility: As the employee, you’re responsible for: 

  • Sharing any wellness concerns with the employer
  • Ensuring there is a good balance between work and personal life
  • Maintaining your own well being
  • Identifying issues that may be stopping you from performing your job
  • Treating your fellow employees with respect and civility, being honest, open, courageous and respectful in conversations
  • Asking for help at any time
  • Using kind and respectful language, verbal and non-verbal, at work
  • Speaking up about bullying, harassment or discriminatory behaviour in the workplace
  • Taking the necessary steps to ensure you are mentally, physically and emotionally well at work, such as taking your breaks.

Employer Responsibility: Your Local & Co is aiming to build a positive and healthy workplace. Therefore, the business will ensure the following: 

  • Promoting a positive workplace culture everyday
  • All employees feel valued at work by way of living our culture of hospitality
  • Taking steps to promote a healthy and safe workplace through continuous improvement
  • Conducting regular one-on-one check ins to evaluate the wellness, interests and needs of employees
  • Encourage a culture of openness and communication
  • Zero tolerance for bullying, harassment or discriminatory behaviour
  • Ensure breaks are enforced
  • Providing resources if needed to help in overall wellbeing, such as team building activities
  • Physical well being support: Asana Rebel App Subscription (employees can choose to subscribe) - for daily exercises, meditation, nutrition guidance, sleep and music for focus; Pukekohe Physiotherapy - for body aches and pains that need professional support

Support: There may be times you need support to deal with difficult situations or to help someone close to you deal with theirs. As the employer, we will: 

  • Encourage you to ask for help as early as possible to reduce the chances of problems growing - all disclosures will be treated confidentially
  • Do what we can to help you find the support you need
  • Allow you time off to deal with issues, as set out in the sick leave section of your employment agreement
  • Encourage you to seek appropriate help if you know or strongly suspect an employee might harm themselves, or need help, or if you need it yourself
  • Encourage you to find support:
    • Talking to your manager or colleague for advice or support
    • Going to see your doctor or another health professional
    • Calling or texting 1737 to talk to a trained counselor. The service is free and available 24/7.
    • Lifeline 0800 543 354 Free text 4357
    • Youthline 0800 376633 Free text 234
    • Calling 111 if there is an immediate crisis.