Version 2 / 20.09.21


The Breville espresso machine (referred to as "machine") and coffee subscription is open to New Zealand customers only with a limit of one per household. Eligible customers may not vary the terms of the agreement.

Subscription fee:

The subscription fees are as follows. The fee varies depending on the machine the customer chooses and includes 500g bag of coffee beans every fortnight.

Barista Pro - $70 per fortnight; Barista Touch - $80 per fortnight; Smart Grinder Pro $32 per fortnight; Precision Brewer $39 per fortnight

Supply of Barista Pro, Barista Touch, Smart Grinder Pro, or Precision Brewer:

A machine will be supplied during the subscription (26 fortnights or 12 months). The customer must purchase the machine over 26 fortnights which is inclusive within the fortnightly subscription fee, total cost $1,820 (Barista Pro), $2,080 (Barista Touch), $832 (Smart Grinder Pro), or $1,014 (Precision Brewer)

Early Termination:

If the customer wishes to terminate the subscription prior to the conclusion of the full 26 fortnights an early termination fee of $1,199 (Barista Pro), $1,399 (Barista Touch), $275 (Smart Grinder Pro), or $399 (Precision Brewer) will be charged to the customer's credit card. The machine will remain the property of Your Local & Co until the full subscription is paid, or the early termination fee is paid by the customer at which point ownership will transfer to the customer.


The machine subscription includes 500g of coffee every fortnight. Pick up is free, courier delivery is not included in the fortnightly payment. Courier delivery fee applies and this depends on the delivery location. If the customer elects to pay the early termination fee prior to the conclusion of the subscription, the supply of coffee will be terminated upon notification from the customer. If not terminated, the supply of coffee will continue at the subscription rate (10% off RRP).


An auto payment will be processed through our subscription facility Bold Subscriptions against the customer's selected credit card every fortnight over 26 payments (12 months). A $5 administration fee will be charged for each occurrence of a rejected transaction which may include insufficient funds or card details have changed as the cause of the rejection. 

Risk & Title:

By purchasing the subscription you, the customer, acknowledge and agree that: (a) Your Local & Co will retain ownership of the machine during the term on the initial subscription (12 months) and Your Local & Co may register its security interest over the machine on the Personal Property Securities Register in accordance with the Personal Property Securities Act 1999; (b) Risk of loss or damage to the products passes on to you, the customer, once they have left our store.