Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answers here, please contact Ria or check out the full terms and conditions.

How much do I pay and how often?

Payments are fortnightly for 12 months.

Is there a down payment?

No down payment, easy!

Do I own the machine?

Transfer of ownership happens after 12 months or full payment. Check out the full terms and conditions for details.

Can I leave earlier?

Early termination fee applies. Check out the full terms and conditions for details.

When will you charge me?

You will be charged when you purchase and every fortnight (same day) after that for 12 months.

What happens after 12 months?

The machine becomes yours and you can choose to continue the coffee subscription.

How do I learn to brew coffee and use the machine?

There are online resources to help you brew coffee. We recommend signing up for a barista workshop with Ria or one of our professional baristas to quickly learn about espresso beverage making at home.

Which machine is the right one for me?

All the Breville machines that we offer are top of the line and make coffee making at home or the office easy. All the machines have built in grinders too so you can grind on the demand and the coffee is always fresh and full of flavour.

The Barista Pro is for the adventurous barista who loves to experiment, settings are adjustable and texturing milk is manual. You can definitely practice your barista skills at home!

The Barista Touch is so easy to operate and like the Barista Pro, it's ready to brew coffee in 3 seconds. Milk texturing is automated, just choose your desired drink and the machine does it on its own! This feature is handy especially during morning rushes. There are beverage pre-sets too, so you can save your favourite drinks and just tap on the screen to choose which one you like.

The Oracle auto grinds, doses and tamps your coffee with one push of the handle. Milk texturing is automated like the Barista Touch although with the Oracle's boiler system, it is much powerful and you can brew and steam milk at the same time. This machine is great for the discerning home barista or for an office with lots of coffee lovers.

Can I change my beans to a different blend later on?

Yes, just email Ria at for changes. 

Is there a delivery charge for coffee beans?

If you're around Pukekohe, you can pick your beans once you get an email saying it's ready for pick up. You can choose delivery when you subscribe, shipping rates are dependent on location.

What are the benefits of having my own machine with a coffee subscription?

Making coffee at home is like cooking or baking at home, it doesn't just fulfill a need but can become a hobby, a new found passion, or even a way to relax and entertain. Having a good quality, reliable, easy to use and smart coffee machine paired with fresh coffee beans will give you best tasting coffee you can be proud of with great ease and consistency.

Can we subscribe to this if we're an office?

Definitely! We recommend the Oracle for offices as these can easily cater to many different preferences and can handle a few coffees during break times.

Can I change the size/weight of my coffee beans?

No, but you can always purchase more coffee beans as a one off or as subscription.

Can I pause my coffee subscription?

Yes, you can manage your subscription through our website. If you pause, the remaining balance will be added on at the end. Maximum pause time is 1 month.

Can I gift this?

Definitely, such a great idea! Just purchase online and and let us know that it's a gift and we can gift wrap for you if you like.

Do the machines require regular cleaning and maintenance?

The coffee machines will require cleaning and back flushing at least once a week depending on use. Portafilters should always be rinsed and washed in soapy water every few days, coffee oil can get rancid and will affect coffee flavour. Each machine also comes with cleaning tablets and the water filter needs changing every 3 months to ensure your machine performs properly. 

Can I purchase another coffee subscription on top of the one with the machine?

Yes! Just log into your account on our website and purchase a subscription. Top up subscriptions are 10% off RRP.

How easy is it to set up the machine at home?

So easy! Each machine package will have everything that you need to get started and the Quick Start Guide is really easy to follow. For the Barista Touch and Oracle Touch, there are on screen set up instructions. 

Is the machine child friendly?

Coffee brewing and milk steaming require hot water and steam, and kids can be tempted to press buttons and can get burns from the hot water and steam. Please switch off and unplug your machine when not in use.

What if the machine breaks?

The machines have a 2 year warranty for home use, and a 3 month warranty for commercial use (office use included). Please contact the Breville Customer Service team at 0800 273 845.

Who do I contact if I have coffee making issues, Your Local or Breville?

We'd be delighted to assist you in making your perfect cup of coffee! If you think the issue is machine related, please contact the Breville team at 0800 273 845.