Kitchen Team Member (full time)

Our little cafe is growing non stop so we are looking again for another kitchen wiz! This role is an opportunity to work in a genuinely supportive environment, make a variety of delicious things in the kitchen and be able to deliver amazing hospitality to our staff and guests.

You are...

...a happy person who loves engaging with people, a beacon of positivity and energy and being in a great mood all the time is effortless.

...kind, smart, generous and hospitable to your co-workers first, then to our guests. You are a self-aware, energetic person who loves a challenge; you see the positive in situations and encourage others to do the same. enthusiastic learner, not afraid to try new things, not afraid of change, nimble and flexible. 

...have a high level of initiative, a learning mindset and willing to be coached by others. organised person who can plan your daily work, can think ahead, raise potential challenges and adjust things as required. to connect with our guests in meaningful ways, and fulfill our guest experience by being able to convey the message, “I’ll see you again soon!”

You love... bake and cook delicious things and experiment with flavours. Being in the kitchen excites and inspires you!

...helping your co-workers the best way you can, promptly and happily.

...learning new ways to do things and giving feedback on how we can do better and make things easier.

...finding purpose and meaning in your work, and thrilled by the joy in making people happy by showing love and care in your actions.

Your experience...

You have professional kitchen or hospitality experience and you understand the pressures in a cafe environment. We are a busy little place with a multi-talented team, this role will be our main team member to make our best selling cookies and slices and all food prep in the afternoons. You will be coached mainly by our chefs in the first 3 months of your employment. They will teach you everything!

Work days Tuesday-Saturday 10 or 11 am starts, except Saturdays 7 am start. we are closed Sundays. Some flexibility is required to cover other staff members if needed.

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